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Case studies as performed by Dr Coury Staadecker, of Newport Beach Periodontics and Dental Implants

LANAP Case Studies - Mrs. J
LANAP Case Studies - Mrs. J
Mrs. J: The Dramatic Regeneration of Bone From The Laser Gum Therapy Called LANAP Is Shown Here. With An X-ray The Darker The Area The Less Bone Around The Tooth. Here One Can See The Increase In Light Mass Around The Rear Tooth After LANAP Hase Been Performed.

Mrs. J came to our office after being referred by her general dentist after he identified and told her that her “pockets were getting deeper.” Mrs. J was a very healthy 28 year-old, but had always noticed that her gums bled when she flossed.

After examination and consultation with Dr. Staadecker, Mrs. J was given all of her treatment options. Laser gum treatment, LANAP, was one option that was very appealing as a busy mother of 3 children. She stated that she “could not afford much down-time after surgery” in order to keep up with her children.

Displayed are the initial and 28 month follow-up X-rays following LANAP treatment. Note the complete bone regeneration on the back of the tooth.

LANAP Case Studies - Mr. B
LANAP Case Studies - Mr. B

Before and After LANAP Laser Therapy Showing Regeneration of Bone Loss With Mr. B.

Mr. B was getting deep cleanings every 3 months at his dentist’s office and had periodontal gum surgery 10 years ago. He knew his periodontal disease was getting worse and was looking for an alternative gum treatment to save his teeth, but refused to have conventional gum surgery again.

Mr. B had a friend that had laser gum therapy with Dr. Staadecker who recommended him. Following a consultation, Mr. B was happy that he was a good candidate for laser gum treatment. After being treated at his follow-up visit, he stated that “this was nothing compared to the last time 10 years ago.”

Note the 2-year follow-up X-rays with significant bone regeneration. Mr. B now continues his periodontal maintenance visits with Dr. Staadecker every 4 months.

LANAP Case Studies - Mrs. L
LANAP Case Studies - Mrs. L

Mrs. L: This Before and After Shows The Bone Regeneration That Occurs When Using The LANAP Laser Gum Therapy Procedure to Treat Periodontal Disease.

Due to her bleeding gums and bad breath, Mrs. L knew that she hadsevere gum disease and began to search for treatment options on theinternet. She researched LANAP on the web and eventually found Dr.Staadecker.

Mrs. L had advanced periodontal disease, type II diabetes, hypertension,obesity and was a heavy smoker. She was committed to turning around herhealth, which would start with her weight loss and smoking cessation.

Mrs. L was aware of the systemic-oral health connection and understoodthat by treating her periodontal condition, she could improve her diabeticand hypertension condition.

Mrs. L had her entire mouth treated with LANAP in two visits, which vastlyimproved her health. Over 3 years, she lost 30 lbs., stopped smoking, andhad improved diabetic HbA1c and blood pressure levels. Note the dramaticbone regeneration after 3 years in the X-rays.

LANAP Case Studies - Ms. G

Ms. G had tooth discomfort on the lower right side and started to notice bleeding when she flossed. She was also aware that both of her parents have periodontal disease and wear dentures. She found Dr. Staadecker from a friend who was treated with LANAP in October 2013. Nine months later a 10mm pocket decreased to a 3mm pocket that was firm, pink and non-bleeding.
LANAP Case Studies - Mr. A

Mr. A came to our office in January 2014 after being referred by his general dentist due to a 9mm bleeding pocket for LANAP treatment (before x-ray left). Nine months after his single LANAP treatment (after x-ray right), his pocket decreased to 3mm and was non-bleeding. With proper oral hygiene it is anticipated that the bone will continue to fill in and mature.
LAPIP Case Study - Mrs. M

Mrs. M had an implant placed in 2009 and thereafter had progressive bone loss halfway down the implant. There was no pain, but it would bleed on occasion and her new general dentist became very concerned and referred her to Dr. Staadecker. Dr. Staadecker removed the existing crown, decontaminated the implant surface with the laser and bone grafted around the implant. After the bone was mature, the same crown was replaced. 

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