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Gum Disease Affects Your Smile
Factors That Affect Gum Recession

Gum recession occurs when the gums start to pull back from the roots of your teeth.

Some causes of gum recession include:

  • Periodontal Disease
  • Genetics
  • Tooth Brushing Routine
  • Poor Dental Hygiene
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Tobacco Use
  • Grinding or Clenching of Teeth
  • Crooked Teeth or Bite Misalignment
  • Body Piercing
Symptoms of Gum Disease: Receding Gums in Newport Beach, CA
One of the most common symptoms of moderate to severe gum disease is gingival recession. When plaque and bacteria build up in the mouth, the gum tissue becomes irritated and pulls away from the teeth. However, there are also several mechanical or functional problems that can lead to receding gums in Newport Beach, CA as well. Patients of Dr. Coury Staadecker can take these steps to prevent gum recession:

  • Brush properly
  • Treat gum disease early on
  • Eat healthy
  • Schedule regular check ups

What causes gum recession?

Gingival recession is usually caused by gum disease. However, there are several other functional issues that can bring it on as well. These include:
Aggressive brushing
Brushing your teeth too aggressively or with a medium or hard bristled toothbrush can slowly wear away the tissue and cause recession.
Habitual grinding or clenching of the teeth can place excessive amounts of pressure on the gum tissue and lead to gingival recession over time.
Misaligned teeth can disrupt the distribution of biting forces and cause recession in much the same way as bruxism.

What are the effects of gum recession?

Untreated gingival recession can have a dramatic effect on everyday life. Some of the more common aesthetic and functional problems include:
Toothy smile
Receding gum lines leave larger areas of the tooth exposed which can cause your teeth to appear larger than normal.
Root sensitivity
Exposed tooth roots are often sensitive to hot and cold temperatures which makes it difficult to eat certain foods.
Tooth decay
Gum recession leaves roots vulnerable to plaque and bacteria which can increase the frequency and severity of cavities in these areas.
Root surface damage
The exposed root surfaces are softer than the enamel portions of the teeth, and are therefore more at risk to damage due to toothbrush abrasion.

Receding gum tissues can lead to a number of oral health complications. To learn more about receding gums in Newport Beach, CA, contact Dr. Staadecker and schedule your consultation today!

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